Equal Treatment Network: Attacks on the Estonian LGBT Association are unacceptable

In recent weeks, attacks on the Estonian LGBT Association have increased in the form of a campaign by the Foundation for the Protection of Family and Tradition (SAPTK) and a survey by the Institute for Social Studies (Ühiskonnauuringute Instituut) aimed at cutting LGBT Association’s funding, silencing the LGBT+ community and spreading fear. The Equal Treatment Network condemns this activity and calls for support for the Association.

The Association has, in recent years, received its core funding from the proceeds of the Gambling Tax Council. The funding is allocated through a government call for proposals aimed at third sector organisations. In order to apply for funding, the projects have to meet specific requirements, including compatibility with national targets in the field. The activities of the LGBT Association fall within the scope of equal treatment.

The work of the LGBT Association has an impact on individuals as well as on the community and society in general. The Association offers, among other services, legal, psychological and experience-based counselling. The purpose of counselling is not to influence or persuade a person to be a member of the LGBT+ community, but to support the individuals who turn to the Association and provide them with relevant and science-based information. Everyone must have free access to accurate information when they need it.

An attack on one particular organisation is, in reality, an attack on civil society, human rights and equal opportunities in general. The Equal Treatment Network condemns such practices and calls on civil society to do the same. More information and options for supporting the LGBT Association can be found here.


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