You can support the publication of the Human Rights Report 2018-2019

On International Human Rights Day, December 10, Estonian Human Rights Centre will publish a report “Human Rights in Estonia 2018-2019”. This report is the only independent holistic analysis of the human rights situation in Estonia, in which 14 experts in their field summarise developments, stagnations or setbacks in the last two years. 

We need your support to issue this report. Human rights belong to everyone and our goal is to make people aware of their rights. The online version of the Human Rights Report is one of the most visited pages on the EHRC’s homepage, showing that it has found its place within the abundance of information.

This time, the call for donations is made by people who value the human rights report in their daily routine. It is used by school students to study or research human rights, and by university students who are interested in human rights issues in one way or another. For example, Elena, a political science student, says that the report is a reliable and interesting source to use for research.

Elena, a political science student, calls for the report to be supported: “The Human Rights Report is an interesting and reliable source for me to use in my research.”

The report is an indispensable source of information for officials, who get an overview of what is happening in their area of work. The importance of the report has been emphasised by the Council of Europe Commissioner for Human Rights, Dunja Mijatović, during her last year’s visit. It also helps teachers and human rights trainers. According to Kätlin, a civics teacher, the report helps to put the otherwise rather abstract human rights into a practical framework and helps students understand what human rights mean in everyday life.

Kätlin, a civics teacher, believes that the report should be supported because it gives human rights a practical dimension and helps students understand the meaning of human rights.

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Human rights belong to everyone, and we want people to be aware of their rights. Support knowledge spread – donate for a Human Rights Report.

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In addition, NGOs can rely on the report in their advocacy work, set new targets or refer to an expert assessment of the situation. But the human rights report is also just for the reader who is interested in knowing more about the society. Indrek, who volunteers for a number of causes, attaches great importance to the protection of human rights, and the report makes him even more appreciative of his opportunities and freedoms. “I am happy, proud, and grateful for my large circle of friends, which includes people from all over the world, with the most diverse backgrounds, traits and actions. There is no greater value than being able to live and be free – to be who you are with dignity and appreciation. ”

Indrek, who volunteers on many fronts, greatly values human rights: “There is no greater value than being able to live and be free … to be who you are, with dignity and appreciation. The report really makes you value it.“

This time, each chapter of the report contains, in addition to an analysis, a human story that helps to better understand the problems that people in the Estonian society may have to face. In addition, the chapters provide an expert assessment of the change in the field and a brief summary of key findings.

EHRC has been publishing this report since 2007, but in 2017 it was for the first time published with the support of the centre’s good donors. 100 Estonian people supported the publication of the report. Now again, anyone who considers access to high-quality human rights information important, has the opportunity to help us publish the report. Support knowledge spread – Donate!

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