EHRC to coordinate the Equal Treatment Area at the Opinion Festival

Equality presupposes the right to be different. Everyone deserves equal opportunities and to feel as a full member of society, regardless of their disability, gender, age, nationality, language, sexuality, religion or skin color.

This year, the Center will coordinate the Equal Treatment Area and organise two discussions at the Opinion Festival. In addition to the center, discussions are organised by members of the Equal Treatment Network: Estonian Vegan Society, the Estonian Union for Child Welfare (LKL), the Estonian National Youth Council (ENL), and the Estonian Chamber of Disabled People (EPIK). The UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR) and the Federation of Estonian Student Unions (EÜL) will be quest organisers at the Equal Treatment Area.

The Opinion Festival takes place in August 14–15 in Paide.

Friday, August 14

12–1.30 pm “Is there freedom to be a non-vegan?” (Vegan Society)
2–3.30 pm “The role of fathers: work-life balance, equal opportunities as a parent” (LKL)
4–5.30 pm “International obligations: are those useful for me too?” (EHRC)
6–7.30 pm “Do and to what extent the Estonian youth take peace and security for granted?” (ENL)

Saturday, August 15

11am–12.30 pm “Disability and e-government. How accessible is the web? (EPIK)
1–2.30 pm “Refugees discuss: where do I belong?” (UNHCR)
3–4.30 pm “Who defends a human rights defender?” (EHRC)
5–6.30 pm “Harassment in College – Exception or Normality? Where to draw the line?” (EÜL)

You’re welcome to participate both on spot and online! Everyone is welcome to listen, discuss and think along. All the discussions are in Estonian and have a written translation, five panels also have a sign language translation. All discussions can also be watched safely via Facebook live.

Also, check out Arvamusfestival 2020: Võrdse kohtlemise ala on Facebook and the full program in Estonian.

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