Looking for hate speech and hate crime expert to carry out training in Tallinn this September

The Estonian Human Rights Centre is implementing in cooperation with the Baltic Human Rights organizations a project “Police and NGO cooperation to combat hate crime in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania”, for more information, please visit the webpage of the project.

As part of the project, we are looking for a co-trainer to carry out Training of Trainers in the Baltic region on the topic of hate crime and with the emphasis of how to tackle it from the civil society perspective. The training will take place this autumn in Tallinn, September 19-20. The participants of the training represent different Baltic civil society organizations who work in the field of human rights, minority issues, democracy and transparency.

Requirements for the co-trainer:

  • The co-trainer should be an expert in the field of hate crime and hate crime law. We expect you to present the EU hate crime and hate speech law and illustrate it with the cases and examples across Europe. Your task is to complement the main trainer during the two days training.
  • We expect you to communicate and cooperate with the Estonian Human Rights Centre and second trainer before the training to assure smooth and professional implementation of the training with the fellow trainer.
  • To speak very good English, have good trainer skills and be able to engage the audience.

Further information:

The organizer will cover costs for travel and accommodation and pay the trainer’s fee upon invoice that contains all the taxes. In case you are interested, please send us your CV and price offer by August  10th to Ms. Kelly Grossthal at kelly.grossthal@humanrights.ee. Also, should you have any additional questions, please feel free to contact Ms. Grossthal on the given e-mail or +372 54501610. The decision about the trainer will be communicated by August 14th the latest.

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