Kari Käsper

Kari Käsper founded the Estonian Human Rights Centre and is currently leading it as Executive Director, responsible for relations with partners and representation of the centre. He has been working as lecturer in European and human rights law since 2008 at Tallinn University of Technology. His research interests relate to how new technologies change society, and particularly the impact techno-economic paradigm shifts have on human rights protection. Kari has been the editor of the independent report “Human Rights in Estonia” since 2009. He has also worked as an expert for the European Commission and United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees.


PhD studies in Public Administration (incomplete)
MA in Law
BA in Law

Organisational work:
  • Estonian National Foundation of Civil Society, Member of Supervisory Council
  • Global e-Sustainability Initiative, Member of Human Rights Stakeholder Advisor Group
  • Estonian Association of Lawyers, Member of Supervisory Council
  • Tallinn University of Technology, School of Business and Governance, Department of Law, Member of Council