Useful links

International governmental organizations 
  • United Nations – international organisation on peace, security, development and human rights.

Choice of UN institutions:

  • Council of Europe – regional political organisation dealing with main problems on European level

Choice of CoE institutions:

  • OSCE – Organisation for Security and Cooperation in Europe

Choice of OSCE institutions:

Int. non-governmental organizations

Human Rights centres and institutions:

Free access Internet recourses

Free access provided by the Centre:

  • Human Rights Law Review (free online access available from IUA library) – aims for the awareness raising, development of knowledge and debate in human rights and politics.
  • Human Rights Quarterly (Human Rights Centre provides for free access soon) – provides for important developemtns in UN and regional human rights organisations.
IUA raamatukogu kohapeal on võimalik lehitseda ka järgmisi ajakirju:
  • Refugee Survey Quarterly (selection of numbers) – published four times a year and serves as an authoritative source on current refugee and international protection issues. Published on behalf of the UN High Commissioner for Refugees.
  • Journal of Refugee Studies (selection of numbers) – forum for exploration of the complex problems of forced migration and national, regional and international responses. The Journal covers all categories of forcibly displaced people.
  • International Journal of Refugee Law (selection of numbers) – the Journal aims to stimulate research and thinking on refugee law and its development, taking account of the broadest range of State and international organization practice. It provides key information and commentary on today’s critical issues, including the causes of refugee and related movements, internal displacement, the particular situation of women and refugee children, the human rights dimension, restrictive policies, asylum and determination procedures, populations at risk and the the conditions in different countries.

Electronic resources:


  • Opinion Juris – A weblog dedicated to reports, commentary, and debate on current developments and scholarship in the fields of international law and politics.